Physical Therapy

The rehabilitative services that our office provides in conjunction with your chiropractic care will help you speed your recovery, brought on by trauma such as car accidents, sports, or work injuries. These non-invasive services will help restore function to the injured areas of your body and help you achieve maximum recovery as quickly as possible.

Are you experiencing neck and back pain, sciatica, whiplash, arthritis extremity pain such as hip or shoulder pain, if so you may all do well with treatment from one of our licensed professional!

Our licensed and trained staff will evaluate you and set up a treatment plan that will assist with coordination, endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance. Exercises may core strengthening and stabilization (especially for back pain), stretching, active and passive exercises, weight lifting, and maybe receiving a home program.

Along with stretching and active exercises, your therapist may include ice, heat, ultrasound, TENS Units, and possibly electrical stimulation. These are smart individuals, so definitely ask questions – Knowledge is Power!